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Man grimacing from ringing in his ear.

There is an inconsistency in tinnitus symptoms; it seems difficult to know when and why these sounds happen. Maybe you’re getting into bed one night and, evidently out of the blue, your ears begin to ring badly. No matter how much you lie in bed and contemplate the reason why you’re hearing this buzzing, you can’t identify any triggers in your day: no noisy music, no shrieking fire alarms, nothing that would explain why your tinnitus chose 9 PM to mount a flare-up.

So possibly the food you ate could be the reason. Ordinarily we don’t connect the idea of food with hearing, but there’s a bit of research and evidence to suggest that tinnitus can be made worse by some foods. In order to avoid those foods, it’s important to recognize what they are.

Some Foods Which Activate Tinnitus

Let’s just cut right to the chase, shall we? You don’t want to go through a food triggered tinnitus event so you need to identify what foods can cause it. Some foods to avoid might include:


Alcohol and tobacco should be high on the list of items to stay clear of. You will certainly want to abstain from smoking and drinking so that you can decrease your risk of a tinnitus episode despite the fact that tobacco isn’t really a food.

Both alcohol and tobacco products can have a significant impact on your blood pressure (not to mention your general health). The more you indulge, the more likely your tinnitus will be to flare up.


One of the most useful predictors of tinnitus episodes is your blood pressure. Your tinnitus gets worse when your blood pressure increases. That’s why sodium should absolutely be on your list of food foods to stay away from. You’ll need to significantly decrease your sodium intake whether you use salt on everything or you just love to eat french fries.

There are a few foods that you don’t commonly consider high in sodium like ice cream. But to prevent any sudden tinnitus episodes you will want to keep your eye on sodium content.

Fast Food

If you’re staying away from sodium, it should come as no surprise that you should also be avoiding fast food. Even fast food joints that boast of being a more healthy alternative serve food that is extremely high in fat and sodium. And, of course, your blood pressure and your tinnitus will be adversely impacted by this kind of diet. Fast food outlets also tend to serve shockingly big drinks, and those drinks are mostly sugar. Yes you guessed it, sugar is next on the list.

Sugars and Sweets

Candy is something that all of us enjoy. Well, most of us enjoy candy. There is a very small portion of the populace that would actually prefer vegetables. No judgment here.

Unfortunately, sugar can completely throw off the balance of glucose in your body. And a small disturbance of your glucose stability can cause you to have a hard time sleeping. In the silence of the night, while you lie there awake, it becomes a lot easier to start to hear that ringing.


So, we saved this one for last because, well, it’s a tough one. Giving this one up is a hard pill to swallow. But your sleep cycle can be dramatically affected if you drink any caffeine later in the day. And the less quality sleep you get, the more likely your tinnitus is to flare up.

It’s really the lack of sleep, not the caffeine that’s the issue. Change over to a drink that doesn’t have caffeine in the evenings and save your caffeine for the morning.

Find out What Works Best For You

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. Your hearing specialist is the best place to start concerning the dietary modifications you need to make. Let’s remember that dietary adjustments impact everyone in a unique way, so it could even be worth maintaining a food journal where you can keep track of what affects you and by how much.

Being aware of which foods can cause a tinnitus event can help you make better choices going ahead. When you begin tracking how your ears react to different foods, the reason for your tinnitus could become less incomprehensible.

If you decide on that last cup of coffee, at least you know what you’re dealing with.

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